Medowie Gumnut Preschool
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Medowie Gumnut Preschool is a privately owned service located in the sweet semi-rural suburb of Medowie NSW. They pride themselves on high quality care and education provided by highly trained and motivated staff, and higher adult to child ratios than required by law.

The preschool’s Director reached out to me requesting a full redesign of their website and logo. She really wanted to capture the true essence of the preschool, including it’s fun and colourful atmosphere. She also wanted current and potential new clients to be able to easily navigate and download critical information such as policies and legal information. 

Website Features

  • Integrated branding
  • Custom graphic design
  • Professional photography
  • Hero sliders and image gallery
  • Contact/booking forms
  • News blog
  • Social media integration
  • Website hosting
  • Web care plan
branded tote bag with company logo
branded tote bag with company logo
branded tote bag with company logo

Sharon Hales, Director of Medowie Gumnut Preschool

Before I met Ange, our website was less than ideal. Our logo was also outdated and in desperate need of a refresh. Her design and web skills took our little preschool to the next level, and it’s been thriving ever since.

Medowie Gumnut Preschool

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